At The Loft Presents Deathcrush

Deathcrush In New Session

Latest filmed session coming straight from At The Loft studio in Oslo, Norway is relatively new Norwegian noiseniks Deathcrush. Sounding like an amalgamation of the spirit of Riot Grrrl era grunge with occasional forages into white noise and feedback via the Jesus and Mary Chain, the trio look set to make something of an impact in 2014 judging by the powerhouse of a song that is ‘You Now’.

With previous gripes about the true live essence of Deathcrush failing to materialise on film after countless gigs receiving glowing reviews, At The Loft has definitely managed to capture a slice of that live energy and, in the process, created a good enough reason to head for the nearest venue the next time the name Deathcrush is paraded up high and lighting up the night sky in neon.

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