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Season’s Greetings From The Mojo Man

When it comes to a touch of seasonal rhythm and blues, then there is no better house to turn to than the one at Koko Mojo. Behind the latest Christmas album release is the Mojo Man, who brings his collection…

Spotlight On Leiber And Stoller: The R&B Recordings – Flip Our Whigs

Updating the series “Spotlight On…” Koko Mojo focuses on the working partnership of Leiber and Stoller and, specifically for this album release, their rhythm and blues recordings. As song writers Leiber and Stoller worked with many who either went on…

Rhythm & Western Volume 5: Cold Cold Heart

Heading out for a fifth journey is the alluring and rather unique album series ‘Rhythm & Western’ and this time it’s all about a ‘Cold Cold Heart’. With Koko Mojo providing a home for the songs featuring Black artists performing…

Rhythm & Western Volume 4: I Hang My Head And Cry

Bringing together another set of songs featuring Black artists performing country & western music that either sound like the “real deal” or deemed by the so-called tastemakers back in the day as rhythm & blues due to Black musicians associated…

Rhythm & Western Volume 3: Lovesick Blues

After two very interesting albums already issued to the public at large, Volume 3 of ‘Rhythm & Western’ arrives with another series of songs from African American artists who turned their attentions to country & western music whether in direct…

Rhythm & Western Volume 2: Your Cheatin’ Heart

Not a straightforward Country & Western album series, but one with a different take on the genre that sees the categories of rhythm and blues and C&W colliding whether directly in terms of musical representation or purely by song title…

Rhythm & Western Volume 1: When Two Worlds Collide

Drumming up a new idea on the Koko Mojo label is The Mojo Man with a planned-five-series set of CDs featuring African American musicians performing country and western music. The songs selected are either classic C&W songs or songs that…

Sadie’s Gentlemen’s Club Visit 05. Branded

It has been a while since the last visit to ‘Sadie’s Gentlemen’s Club’ but here we are again, and expectations are high given the sheer quality of said previous visit proving to be the most memorable yet. The last encounter…

Sweet Dreams Forever

An album to commemorate four major stars of country and western music who died in tragic circumstances is issued by Atomicat Records and under the banner ‘Sweet Dreams Forever’. The four country stars celebrated by this album release are Patsy…

Sadie’s Gentlemen’s Club Visit 04. Ecstasy

Preparation for the next visit to ‘Sadie’s Gentlemen’s Club Visit 04. Ecstasy’ involves songs chosen to bring joy to those who inhabit such establishments where the music will thrill, excite, and provide much pleasure and create an overall state of…

Sadie’s Gentlemen’s Club Visit 03. Taboo

Third visit to the club many people are currently talking about, and that being “Sadie’s Gentlemen’s Club” where the topics of discussion are those of a forbidden nature and likely to offend. Thankfully, it is the music from this nocturnal…

Spotlight On Jackie Wilson – Mr. Excitement

Another album in the Koko Mojo “Spotlight Series” that focuses on individual artists who have contributed much to music’s historical past is Jackie Wilson. Given the extra moniker “Mr. Excitement” because of his lively stage manner when performing live, the…

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Grady Martin Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves and Hot Guitar

Various Artists (Atomicat)

A gifted musician and one of the places where it all started for rock ‘n’ roll music, Grady Martin is given full respect via ‘Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves and Hot Guitar’.


Hillbilly Deluxe

Various Artists (Atomicat)

…quite frankly there is only one place to rest this evening and soak up traditional country music, and that is at the ‘Hillbilly Deluxe’.


Billy Strange: Climb Aboard The Hell Train

Various Artists (Atomicat)

…a detailed and wonderfully engaging collection of songs that touches upon the gifted talents of Billy Strange as guitarist, singer and composer…


Falsehoods (EP)

Terrible Love (Bandcamp)

Terrible Love fire enough flares during ‘Falsehoods’ signalling for life to be given to this EP, which is warranted considering the quality on display…


Hillbilly And Rustic Rockabilly Bop Volume 4

Various Artists (Atomicat)

All in all, the fourth album in the ‘Hillbilly And Rustic Rockabilly Bop’ series lives up to its predecessors in terms of quality, intrigue, and thrills when it comes to the music…


Still On The Run

The Hoodoo Tones (Rhythm Bomb)

The Hoodoo Tones embark on a third trip packed with twelve new songs. The latest long player sees the band ‘Still On The Run’ and blending traditional rockabilly with the modern trimmings found on the rockin’ scene.


Strangers/Lovers: Side A

DAGNY (Little Daggers Records)

Still hanging on to the first slice of a two-part album set, DAGNY’s ‘Strangers/Lovers: Side A’ is a masterclass in pop music.


Boss Black Rockers: Cool It Vol.8

Various Artists (Koko Mojo)

As series go, ‘Boss Black Rockers’ is up there with the best of them when it comes to compiling rockin’ track lists.


There’s Gonna Be A Ball – Rock ‘N’ Roll Español

Various Artists (Atomicat)

…this box set of Chicano rock provides a different angle on the ubiquitous rock ‘n’ roll compilation from an overlooked corner of its market…


Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers Vol.10

Various Artists (Koko Mojo)

‘Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers Vol.10’ is a record that stands out on its own merits yet is part of a series of albums equally on par with the quality offered here.

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