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Come On Baby It’s Christmas, More Hillbilly Christmas

As with volume One of this new collection of songs focusing on Christmas, the second volume ‘Come On Baby It’s Christmas, More Hillbilly Christmas’ offers another round of quality tunes for this special time of year. One notable difference is…

Christmas Time’s A-Comin’, A Hillbilly Christmas

Looking for a Christmas compilation with something a little bit different to impress the neighbours during this year’s holiday period, then taking a punt on ‘Christmas Time’s A-Comin, A Hillbilly Christmas’ would not be a bad place to start. With…

The Mojo Man Special Volume 1: Doctor Velvet

Drumming up a new idea seems to be all in a day’s work for The Mojo Man because this time around it is the subject of dancing that provides inspiration for the latest release on Koko Mojo. Yes, a record…

The Ultimate Koko-Mojo Christmas Party

The Mojo Man presents an album for the festive season with ‘The Ultimate Koko-Mojo Christmas Party’. With twenty-eight handpicked tracks, The Ultimate Koko-Mojo Christmas Party’ sets out to live up to its title with a variety of numbers to get…

Let’s Have A Doo Wop Christmas

The realisation that Christmas is nearly upon us is greeted with a fresh compilation from Koko Mojo Records and specifically a Doo Wop Christmas. Focusing on vocal group performers with an entirely Christmas theme is a wise idea considering the…

Koko Showcase: A Journey To The Land Of Blues And Rhythm

Reacting to the positive reception of Koko Mojo’s rhythm and blues series of compilation albums, the final instalment arrives with a thirty-track album consisting of many of the highlights from the series of CDs. With a difficult task filtering through…

Southern Bred: The Hot Thirty Picks

Due to the resounding success of the Southern Bred series on the Koko Mojo imprint, the final say to this excellent series goes to a strictly limited-edition compilation featuring a selection of tracks from several states in America. With the…

The Mojo Man’s Halloween Party

More a party at home this year considering the unprecedented times we are all experiencing, but at least this new long player will provide hours of entertainment given the carefully considered track list with far more than the usual suspects.…

Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers Vol.10

Quite possibly the final chapter in what has been a mesmerising spell of blues and traditional rhythm and blues of “Southern Bred” artists who left their musical legacy to history and served as reminders throughout all these volumes. Arriving at…

Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers Vol.9

Under the knowledge that the previous volume of ‘Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers’ was the last in the series, up pops another volume much to this publication’s delight. Hosting a further twenty-eight tracks, ‘Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers Vol.9’ continues…

Let’s Throw A Rockin’ Soul Party Vol. 2

Second volume in the series ‘Let’s Throw A Rockin’ Soul Party’ sees another twenty-eight tracks of early soul music. Developing its sounds from the foundations of gospel, rhythm and blues and jazz music, the early pioneers of this evolving sound…

Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers Vol.8

Rather like a good novel that you do not want to end, the same feeling applies to the series ‘Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers’.

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Less One Knows

Benjamin Finger (Dead Definition)

A deviation from previous works, and most welcome as Less One Knows is quite possibly the Norwegian’s best album to date.


Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers Vol.8

Various Artists (Koko Mojo)

Rather like a good novel that you do not want to end, the same feeling applies to the series ‘Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers’.


Glass Island

Richard Luke (Moderna Records)

‘Glass Island’ is an album to break the strongest of hearts yet also provide reasons for optimism that all is not lost.


Up and Down

Ramblin Bandits (Rhythm Bomb)

The Ramblin Bandits show no signs of fatigue during ‘Up and Down’ because it’s simply engaging from start to finish.



Doc & the Headshrinkers (HSM)

Rock and roll is alive and well in West Wales via Doc & the Headshrinkers’ Crashland.


Thunder & Lightning

Fireball Steven (Rhythm Bomb)

Great comeback album that would have benefited even further from more of his own compositions.


Boss Black Rockers: Mardi Gras Rock Vol.6

Various Artists (Koko Mojo)

Highlighting much needed recognition of the “original” rock ‘n’ rollers, ‘Boss Black Rockers Vol.6’ has something for all true devotees of rock and roll music.


Open Wound (Single)

Svalbard (Holy Roar Records)

There’s beauty in sound with Open Wound, despite the sensitive subject matter of the lyrics. New single before new LP.


Charon (Single)

Jordan Rome (Working Brilliantly)

Alternative rock and grunge-lite ditty but one spiked with an undercurrent of country & western, Charon reveals but one side of Jordan Rome’s music.


Hotel Breakfast

Hot Rod Double (TB Hurricane Records)

Showing no signs of fatigue, Hot Rod Double’s third LP continues to cling to the FLW Playlist with its compelling mix of rockabilly and various strands of country music.

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