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Strangers/Lovers: Side A

Adopting a novel approach to her debut album release is DAGNY. Having written an impressive number of tracks, two hundred and fifty to be precise, in addition to taking part in numerous sessions and recording studios the world over, the…

The Interviews Keep Coming!

The Interviews Keep Coming! Fresh interview at Famous Last Words (FLW) with a rather different band. Read on to find out more. The trio known as Secret Agent is an instrumental band hailing from Mexico. By conjuring up sounds from continue →

Los Instrumental Trio

“’Desert Mission’ and ‘Peter Gunn Theme’ are my favourites. They remind me of cool film soundtracks.”

One Cup Of Coffee & New Interview

One Cup Of Coffee & New Interview There is a new interview available to read at Famous Last Words (FLW). Taking a cup of coffee with alternative-rock band DAMOKLES, Famous Last Words (FLW) decided to make a return trip to continue →

Creativity In Bloom

“‘Miniature Gardens’ is a commentary on certain parts of the current human condition, maybe mainly in the Western hemisphere.”

Falsehoods (EP)

The future of Terrible Love remains unclear, with truly little information surfacing from the band’s social media pages. That said, the latest breaking news concerns brand-new EP ‘Falsehoods’, issued (For the moment?) as a digital only release. The new material…

Sweet Nothings (Single)

Testament that alternative indie guitar rock is not a dying art can be heard via latest single from alternative rockers Seed Husk and ‘Sweet Nothings’. Continuing a run of recent new recordings before a full-blown album not too far down…

Past And Present

“It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a singer or a player. It’s still more rare to see females in rock bands, and to me that way [is] also interesting and cool.”

New Band, New Interview @ FLW

New Band, New Interview @ FLW Latest interview at Famous Last Words is with newcomers Jo Below. Having recently released the single ‘Paying For More’ from their forthcoming EP, Jo Below has been catching the attention of many listeners and continue →

Less One Knows

“I guess I have always wanted to make a pure guitar album, I just had to wait for the right opportunity.”

Benjamin Finger Returns @ FLW

Benjamin Finger Returns @ FLW Norwegian artist makes a return to action with probably his greatest work to date. New album and fresh direction (of sorts) for Benjamin Finger with his brand new long player ‘Less One Knows’. Currently situated continue →

Paying For More (Single)

Flipping through the catalogue of rock music’s past, and then applying their own modern twist on the genre, is Finnish (alt) rockers Jo Below. Surfacing in 2017, the four-piece band quickly got to work writing and recording tracks that will…

FLW Playlist


Less One Knows

Benjamin Finger (Dead Definition)

A deviation from previous works, and most welcome as Less One Knows is quite possibly the Norwegian’s best album to date.


Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers Vol.8

Various Artists (Koko Mojo)

Rather like a good novel that you do not want to end, the same feeling applies to the series ‘Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers’.


Glass Island

Richard Luke (Moderna Records)

‘Glass Island’ is an album to break the strongest of hearts yet also provide reasons for optimism that all is not lost.


Up and Down

Ramblin Bandits (Rhythm Bomb)

The Ramblin Bandits show no signs of fatigue during ‘Up and Down’ because it’s simply engaging from start to finish.



Doc & the Headshrinkers (HSM)

Rock and roll is alive and well in West Wales via Doc & the Headshrinkers’ Crashland.


Thunder & Lightning

Fireball Steven (Rhythm Bomb)

Great comeback album that would have benefited even further from more of his own compositions.


Boss Black Rockers: Mardi Gras Rock Vol.6

Various Artists (Koko Mojo)

Highlighting much needed recognition of the “original” rock ‘n’ rollers, ‘Boss Black Rockers Vol.6’ has something for all true devotees of rock and roll music.


Open Wound (Single)

Svalbard (Holy Roar Records)

There’s beauty in sound with Open Wound, despite the sensitive subject matter of the lyrics. New single before new LP.


Charon (Single)

Jordan Rome (Working Brilliantly)

Alternative rock and grunge-lite ditty but one spiked with an undercurrent of country & western, Charon reveals but one side of Jordan Rome’s music.


Hotel Breakfast

Hot Rod Double (TB Hurricane Records)

Showing no signs of fatigue, Hot Rod Double’s third LP continues to cling to the FLW Playlist with its compelling mix of rockabilly and various strands of country music.

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