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Miss Mary Ann & The Ragtime Wranglers USA Support Dates

Miss Mary Ann & The Ragtime Wranglers USA Support Dates All the way from Holland, Miss Mary Ann and the Ragtime Wranglers will be the support act for Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot USA Tour. The live dates for the following continue →

Free Gigs With Miss Mary Ann & The Ragtime Wranglers

Free Gigs With Miss Mary Ann & The Ragtime Wranglers Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers announce news of free live concerts. Two live gigs this week come from Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers. The gigs will continue →

Primitive Beat

Returning with fourteen brand new and original compositions is The Margraves and their new long player ‘Primitive Beat’. With this being a sophomore effort, the trio that is Bobby, Mick and Ray Margrave set rich vocal harmonies to driving guitar…

Greetings From Austin

Judging from the stories behind latest album ‘Greetings From Austin’, The Don Diego Trio, along with invited guests to add their creative contributions, had a memorable experience when laying down the tracks for this new recording. The idea to invite…

Lady Killer

Wearing matching attire and looks resembling one of Hollywood’s film and studio A-listers, with a second clue held by the title of this third offering from Scotty Baker (answers on a postcard to the usual address if you like), ‘Lady…

The Band In Black

No doubt viewed by some as an unnecessary exercise when it comes to producing (more or less) carbon copies of the songs of Johnny Cash, but not so for the men in black known as Johnny Horsepower. What makes this…

A Rockin’ Legend

“We were up for CMA Awards [Country Music Association] for Best Album and Best Single, and up against artists such as the Dixie Chicks at that time.”

One Cup Of Coffee With A Rockin’ Legend

One Cup Of Coffee With A Rockin’ Legend Arriving at Famous Last Words (FLW) is the latest interview with rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll legend Mark Richards. In fact, he’s more of a versatile musician having performed in western swing continue →

The Ace Trio Meet FLW

The Ace Trio Meet FLW Fresh interview at Famous Last Words (FLW), and this time it’s a bit of rockabilly via The Ace Trio. After a hastily arranged interview, it proved to be an eventful evening when FLW caught up with The Ace continue →

An Ace Trio

“The good thing with this band is that everyone brings a different style…”

Miss Mary Ann & The Ragtime Wranglers Support Brian Setzer

Miss Mary Ann & The Ragtime Wranglers Support Brian Setzer Having announced a tour of Europe and the UK, rockabilly legend Brian Setzer has invited Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers as the support act for the current live continue →

Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot To Play Oslo

Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot To Play Oslo Rockabilly legend BRIAN SETZER will be heading to Oslo, Norway, as part of his Rockabilly Riot Tour 2017. The forthcoming gig in Norway will be held 19th July at Rokefeller in Oslo as detailed via his official website ( With this continue →

FLW Playlist


Doubt Mines EP

Terrible Love (Big Scary Monsters)

There seems no cure for the emotions expressed here. Cracked love, open wounds and downright despair is what you’re likely to get when it comes to the latest release from post-hardcore outfit Terrible Love.


London Is Trouble (Single)

Sol Heilo (Propeller Recordings)

…any joy that is left to be found can certainly be had via ‘London Is Trouble’ and the impressive manner in which this intimate tale is told .


Scale Of Blindness

Benjamin Finger (Eilean Records)

It’s a masterwork, and it’s called ‘Scale Of Blindness’.


Retreat (from album The Neon Handshake)

Hell is for Heroes (Chrysalis)

Defiant to the end, Retreat is just one of the highlights from a debut album that is being celebrated this month with a number of live dates.


The Long Harvest

Creek Road Eleven (Z-Trading)

Such attention to the finer details has certainly paid off as Creek Road Eleven deliver a ten-track album packed with rollin’ country rock tunes…


International Blue (Single)

Manic Street Preachers (Columbia)

Everything in its right place then, the new album should be something worth waiting for.


Baksida På Operaen (Single)

Stian Fjelldal (Didelidoo)

It makes for compelling listening, especially given the added teaspoonful of eccentricity that brings to mind Scotland’s Mull Historical Society.


Thee DB3

Thee DB3 (Drum Monkey Records)

Thee DB3 are a talented unit with a debut album that is firing on all cylinders.


Hiding Places (Single)

Rain On Monday (ROM Music)

…‘Hiding Places’ may be the sound of rainfall yet the sun is also shining.


Wolf (Single)

DYLYN (HOME Music Co.)

With a genuine 80s feel coursing through the centre of this new record via moody sounding synths, ‘Wolf’ is not without current reference points regarding its overall sound…

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