Basement Revolver Reissue Their Debut EP

Basement Revolver Reissue Their Debut EP

Indie outfit Basement Revolver announce news of a reissue of their debut EP. The self-titled debut EP is released on a limited run of vinyl copies on Label Obscura out now!

The EP was critically acclaimed on its first release, and now arrives for the the first time on vinyl from Ontario trio Basement Revolver.

With the three-piece band hailing from Hamilton, ON, Basement Revolver has quickly made a name for themselves on various indie circuits due to their unique brand of 90’s infused indie-rock. Basement Revolver has been able to formulate a captivating and refined hypnotic aural experience typically found with those who are well beyond their years. Rarely captured in first works, the band exhibits this maturity and ensures promising future releases.

In addition to the reissue of ‘Basement revolver’ on vinyl, the band release a music video to promote the track ‘Lake Steel Oil’, which can be viewed at Famous Last Words (FLW).

The EP ‘Basement Revolver’ is out now and available from Label Obscura.

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