Benjamin Finger If Memory Preserves Video

Benjamin Finger If Memory Preserves Video

To accompany the recently released full-length player ‘Scale Of Blindness’ by musician and artist Benjamin Finger is the latest video to the track ‘If Memory Preserves’ lifted from his latest work and one that has received much praise from Famous Last Words (FLW).

The new video ‘If Memory Preserves’ consists of film footage shot by Benjamin Finger using a Super 8mm camera, and then compiled by record owner Mathias at Eilean Records.

For those yet to experience the ambient delights of Benjamin Finger’s latest album and, more specifically, the track ‘If Memory Preserves’, then it’s an album that demands your attention, especially considering the mysterious figure at the centre of this latest promotional release regarding a certain D. B. Cooper and his disappearance after apparently hijacking a plane in the States in 1971. It makes for a fascinating story and one Norwegian artist Benjamin Finger portrays rather compellingly.

The video to If Memory Preserves can be seen at FLW

The album ‘Scale Of Blindness’ is out now and available from Eliean Records.


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