Benjamin Finger Vs Trupa Trupa

Benjamin Finger Vs Trupa Trupa

Indie matchup for Benjamin Finger and Trupa Trupa.

When it comes to indie band Trupa Trupa and DJ, musician and music producer Benjamin Finger always expect the unexpected. Therefore, it’s a match made in heaven for these artists when they decided to get together and produce a video to accompany Trupa Trupa’s brand new single that is the first to be taken from their forthcoming new album.

With the tongue-in-cheek title ‘Jolly New Songs’ applied to the indie quartet’s album that is set for release 27th October 2017 via record labels Ici d´ailleurs and Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records on LP, CD and digital formats, the creative skills of Benjamin Finger were acquired by Trupa Trupa in order to come up with a video to accompany the band’s single ‘To Me’.

The finished article to support the single, ‘To Me’, is a video shot on Super 8mm with footage edited from Benjamin Finger’s own collage of work over the years filmed during stints in various locations throughout Europe and the US. The merging of different images created by Benjamin Finger where reality becomes blurred and gives the notion of a series of images taken from dreams complements the indecisiveness of the sparse lyrics and the near-volatile qualities of the sounds filling out ‘To Me’; something of which was not an easy task to achieve as Norwegian artist Benjamin Finger explained to Famous Last Words (FLW) only recently: “The music video took quite some time to make since it consists of many layers; pictures being faded into each other constantly, effects running wild, playing with fast vs. slow speed, reversed movements, experimenting with loops on scenes, etc.”

The whole package makes for a compelling experience and one that should not be missed!

The song is called ‘To Me’ and is Trupa Trupa’s first single from their new album ‘Jolly New Songs’, which will be released 27th October via Ici d’ailleurs and Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records.

The video ‘To Me’ is directed by Benjamin Finger.

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