Bodies On Everest On New Album

Bodies On Everest On New Album

Liverpool and Manchester band, Bodies On Everest will release their latest album in April 2018. The new LP will be issued via Third I Rex and Cruel Nature Recordings and has been given the title ‘A National Day Of Mourning’.

With the band describing their sound as “Dungeon Wave”; a blend of drone and sludge rock, the forthcoming album ‘A National day Of Mourning’ will be their second album after 2015’s ‘The Burning’.

After several years of relentless touring throughout the UK, Bodies On Everest gather their experience in order to create a new album that will be even more corrosive, unsettling and unrelenting in terms of its sound.

When asked about the upcoming album release, Bodies On Everest provided the following response:

“… two bass players, one drummer, vocals and a board of electronics were all played at once and repeated back infinitely. This record is the very urgent and desperate result of an accident… Welcome to Hell.ā€

‘A National Day Of Mourning’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacobia Stig at Dumbulls Studio in Liverpool. The album will be released by Third I Rex on CD and Cruel Nature Recordings in a limited double pink cassette edition.

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