Can you DiG iT?

John Lindberg Trio

Lead singer and guitarist of John Lindberg Trio opened up to Famous Last Words (FLW) about life in a rockin’ band, but one with a difference.

Despite the band’s love of rockabilly and all things rock ‘n’ roll, John Lindberg Trio also like to bring something else to their sound, and that includes influences from a variety of genres that pushes their own sound to another level.

With current album ‘DiG iT!’ still doing the rounds on the live circuit and recent single ‘Honky Tonkin’ a reminder of what’s in store for any avid listeners yet to experience this Swedish band, John Lindberg Trio look set to continue their success with a new album planned for next year and further live shows that will see the band venture overseas.

Check out the FLW interview with John Lindberg!

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