Dan Michaelson And Sand

Dan Michaelson And Sand

After the critical acclaim of his current solo album ‘First Light’, Dan  Michaelson has released the final track to be taken from this album by the name of ‘Sand’. The current single offering follows on from the previous two single releases ‘Old Kisses’ and ‘Careless’. The final single ‘Sand’ is described as “…a monumental hymn to something small and personal.” Such an impression is given by the beautiful melancholy of ‘Sand’ via the barely audible and cracked vocals of Dan Michaelson that compel greatly, along with the restrained orchestral accompaniment.

Listen to ‘Sand’ right here @ FLW

Further details regarding Dan Michaelson and current single ‘Sand’ has been provided with the following information:

“Working closely with orchestral arranger Arnulf Lindner, aka Skeleton Key, ‘First Light’ focuses on the everyday first moment of consciousness before past, future, cynicism and memory come into focus. Though considered by Michaelson to be “the most unpleasant moment of any day” the opportunity to write at this time became the working practice for the record and, as the writing progressed, reflection on those moments informed the songs further.  

“Although ‘First Light’ finds Michaelson experimenting with a full orchestral palette, echoes of his inspirations and lifelong heroes still rise to the surface. Album opener ‘Careless’ evokes the sparse, haunted landscape of Townes Van Zandt’s ‘Kathleen’, the languid ‘Someone Else’s Dream’ recalls Lee Hazelwood’s lazy drawl, ‘Old Kisses’ is indebted to the intimate reflection of Leonard Cohen and ‘Don’t Let It Pass’ summons the melodic build of ‘Bryter Layter’ period Nick Drake. Recorded over three weeks at The Premises Studios in London, ‘First Light’ features eight violins, four violas, two cellos, two double basses and the odd flash of trombone, all constantly shifting above, below and either side of Michaelson’s staple vocal style.

“Originally meeting on an early Absentee tour with Ed Harcourt in 2004, Lindner produced Dan’s first album under that moniker, 2005’s Donkey Stock . The pair had been looking for an opportunity to work together again ever since, and as Dan’s involvement in scoring for film and TV increased, their paths naturally met once more.

“As well as soundtracking the third season of the BAFTA-winning BBC series Detectorists, starring Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones, Michaelson is currently scoring Stephanie Wang-Breal’s feature-length documentary ‘Blowin’ Up’. The story of an innovative human trafficking court in Queens, N.Y, the film follows the compassionate judge who runs it and the women who pass through its doors every day.”

The single ‘Sand’ is out now and available via The State51 Conspiracy

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