Dark The Suns Best Of Album

Dark The Suns Best Of Album

Gothic metal all the way from Finland with Dark The Suns.

After four years of inactivity, Dark The Suns return to the fold with a new release to mark 10 years together as a band. The new release ‘Life Eternal’ is a compilation album consisting of 10 tracks, considered to be their best, and with the album being made available from digital download stores and streaming services.

Life Eternal

Track listing for ‘Life Eternal’

The Sleeping Beauty 3:38
Sleepless Angels 4:14
All Ends In Silence 4:56
The Dead End 3:47
Alone 4:15
Walking With An Angel 5:40
Unbroken Silence 4:14
Reflections 4:17
Don’t Fear The Sleep 5:04
Rimed With Frost 4:45

The compilation album ‘Life Eternal’ is available from 15/12/15 via Inverse Records

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