Dream Brother Arrive At FLW

Dream Brother & Debut Album

It’s here! Famous Last Words (FLW) is proud to announce our latest interview with Dream Brother. The band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Samuel Sjöman talked at great length with FLW about the long road to finishing the band’s debut album. It was a frustrating process at times, but one that was worthwhile in the end as the contents of the long player reveal. Look for great highlights as ‘Lost Yourself’, ‘Black Leaves’, ‘Lovehatelove’, ‘We Could Have Everything’ and ‘Heart’, to name but a few, to see what all the fuss is about and for providing a solid reminder of grunge music’s glorious past.

The interview ‘In Bloom’ with Dream Brother is available to read at the following link: http://famouslastwordsrecords.com/interviews/in-bloom/


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