European Tour For David Allread & Peter Broderick

European Tour For David Allread & Peter Broderick

Currently on tour this month is the duo David Allread and Peter Broderick.

After winning over many people including press critics with their collaborative effort ‘Find The Ways’ in 2017, Peter Broderick joins David Allred on his European tour this February in support of his own recently released debut album ‘The Transition’. The album is a follow up to ‘Find The Ways’, written during a time when David Allread was working in a residential care home in his small hometown outside of Sacramento. It was down to record label Erased Tapes who accepted responsibility for the release of ‘The Transition’ following David Allread’s collaborative efforts with label mate Peter Broderick.

Ahead of the European live dates, which are currently underway this month, David Allread and Peter Broderick decided to perform an a cappella version of the track ‘The Ways’ taken from their album ‘Find The Ways’. Furthermore, the songwriting duo decided to film the vocal performance at Lough Corrib, Ireland. In response to the filmed vocal performance of ‘The Way’, Peter Broderick commented:

“When David first showed me ‘The Ways’, it felt like a song that was so pertinent to the current times, and at the same time like an ancient song that has been around forever. I suppose the message is timeless. I love singing this song with David.”

The remaining tour dates for David Allread and Peter Broderick can be viewed below, in addition to the duo’s performance of their track ‘The Way’

Tour Dates

05/02 Hannover Germany Feinkost Lampe
06/02 Dinklage Germany Hof Arlinghaus
08/02 Berlin Germany ACUD Macht Neu
22/02 Ghent Belgium DAUW HQ
28/02 Prague Czech Republic Spectaculare 2019



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