Gentle Savage Looking After The Environment

Gentle Savage Looking After The Environment

If there’s no planet, then there’s no rock ‘n’ roll according to Gentle Savage.

With their ‘Introduction’ EP released this year, Gentle Savage make it clear, via their latest single ‘Far Side’, there is no room for neglect when it comes to looking after our own planet.

In order to get their message across, the band decided to reflect some of their views through latest music video ‘Far Side’. More directly, lead singer Tornado Bearstone of Gentle Savage recently commented:

“I started to think about this dark issue, namely the future of our planet. The goal was to make a video that shows what we are on the verge of losing and why we are going to lose it. We can still save save the planet earth and this is our small contribution to the message that warns of total destruction. No planet earth, no place to Rock`n roll!”

You can see the video to Gentle Savage’s new single ‘Far Side’ here @ FLW

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