Gluefoot Reflect On Grangetown

Gluefoot Reflect On Grangetown

With a sound that is more akin to the cities of Boston and Seattle rather than Bristol and near neighbour Cardiff (UK), new pop-punk/grunge trio Gluefoot is ready to unleash their noise for a second time with a brand new EP scheduled for December 2015.

The forthcoming EP has been given the title of ‘Seed’, with one of the tracks, ‘Grangetown’, available to hear right here at Famous Last Words (FLW) via the following Soundcloud link:

For those residing in the aforementioned cities in the UK, and if pop-punk mixed with elements of grunge appeals greatly, then it’s likely that you’ve already heard of Gluefoot as the band has built up a loyal following through a number of gigs but, more interestingly, by opting for a different environment of performing at multiple house shows with other bands such as GIANTS and ROAM.

Look out for more details of Gluefoot and their second EP ‘Seed’ available soon!

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