Go Man Go

The Bullets Discuss Album Number Two

Famous Last Words (FLW) was lucky enough to receive a visit from two out of three of The Bullets. Currently winning much praise for their second album, ‘Go Man Go’, Brett Waters and Gary Griffin were in Oslo to talk about their latest album with FLW, by providing a track-by-track rundown of all of the songs. Unfortunately, Tony Nihill (bass) could not make the trip due to commitments back in the UK, but all of his contributions to ‘Go Man Go’ were also discussed in much depth by his two bandmates.

For those who appreciate rockabilly songs but with an added twist consisting of unconventional tales that definitely take a walk on the darker side of life, then ‘Go Man Go’ could be the music tonic you’re looking for right now.

We love The Bullets and highly recommend the band’s latest rockin’ slice of wild rockabilly that is the magnificent ‘Go Man Go’, which is out now and available on Western Star Records.

Please read our interview with Brett and Gary from The Bullets at: http://famouslastwordsrecords.com/interviews/tales-of-the-unexpected/


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