Infinity Broke…

Australia’s Infinity Broke Latest Interview

Famous Last Words (FLW) was deeply enamoured earlier this year when we received a copy of the debut album from Infinity Broke as it proved to be everything we hoped for and more! Most surprising of all, however, was lead vocalist Jamie Hutchings’ decision to return to former electric glories by borrowing one or two elements from his previous band Bluebottle Kiss. Not only was this a bold manoeuvre after three very well-received solo albums with a definite change in the sonic department, but the change back to a more aggressive and experimental sound, as well as incorporating various percussive elements from those solo albums, is proving to be a resounding success.

FLW managed to speak with Jamie Hutchings recently about his latest band Infinity Broke, as well as finding time to reminisce over his days with Bluebottle Kiss. Head to the FLW Indie section to find out more!

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