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Deeply personal, deeply intense and deeply important, Disembarked have set sail on a voyage of despair with ‘I Do Nothing But Regret The Fact That I Left’.

All emotions are laid bare for the whole world to gaze upon. An open wound of cavernous proportions such is the deeply personal rift that is unlikely to see any form of reconciliation for the immediate future and one that is still smarting judging from the vitriol amplified from Sweden’s Disembarked. One can only assume at the personal torture this five-piece has gone through or more specifically lead vocalist Pontus Figge Carlsson because the band’s first, and quite glorious EP ‘I Do Nothing But Regret The Fact That I left’ is the sound of pent up fury with vocals spent consuming acerbic liquid as a substitute for milk over their daily breakfast cereal such is their caustic tones. This might not be to everyone’s tastes and it would seem that Disembarked is not too concerned with such matters, such is their love for the post-hardcore scene, but there remain others who are genuinely moved by such raw emotions to suggest that such magnificent sounds should be shared with the masses.

With ‘I Do Nothing But Regret The Fact That I left’ causing a stir of different emotions at Famous Last Words (FLW) headquarters, the temptation to find out more about this belter of an EP was too much to resist. Therefore, it was left to lead vocalist and lyricist Pontus Figge Carlsson of Disembarked, once FLW managed to entice him over the threshold, to fill in the blanks to a few burning questions.

How did the band get together?

“Olle, Gustav and Pontus have played in bands together in other constellations that finally evolved into Disembarked. We stopped playing together for a while and then created what today is Disembarked in August 2011.”

How would you describe your sound?

“Fresh Prince of Bel Air (That’s one way of persuading the masses, FLW).”

What can you tell FLW about your latest EP ‘I Do Nothing But Regret The Fact That I Left’?

“It was recorded during the winter from November 2011 to February 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden. In our dear friend Aron Liedtke’s Studio, Earon Studios.

Inspiration for the EP?

“Life itself and personal issues. I try to write something to help myself and others as well if that’s possible. Our inspiration comes from so many directions, we all have the same taste in music, but still very different. Olle, for example, writes jumpy and weird drum beats, which comes from his background as a jazz/indie drummer to Gustav’s indie guitar harmonics, but more aggressive I’d say.”


Can you provide some info on what the songs ‘Abscond’ and ‘Bewildered’ are about please?

“‘Abscond’ is too personal to go into details but the lyrics are more of a self-loathing text; I’ve fled from my mom’s house and abandoned my younger brothers that don’t have any choice but to stay in that dreadful place. The second song you asked about, ‘Bewildered’ was written during a strange period in my life and it’s a self-dialogue. I think the lyrics describe it quite alright though. I didn’t feel anything for a while, and I kept asking myself what’s going on. Couldn’t write any lyrics at all, so I wrote this self-dialogue to try and solve it.”

Choice of artwork for the EP?

“We saw a picture on Karl’s tumblr (901000 @ tumblr). It was only the two boys on it with the black background. We just loved it and asked if we could use it and add something more to it, which he did. It’s like a painting of how I feel about my mom’s house as well; cold, dark and dreadful.”

What is it like for a band such as Disembarked living and growing up in Sweden? Do you feel that you draw on a lot of things from your home country in terms of inspiration for your music or do you feel that you have more of an international outlook?

“Well, the winters really get to you, and I think we write most of our stuff during the winter. The stuff we’ve been writing recently, now that the weather is getting better, is actually having a more ‘happy’ feel to it. In Sweden, it’s kinda easy to get a seasonal affective disorder, so I guess that fits well into our ‘sad’ music. Swedish artists have a way of doing their own stuff; there are many creative people living here. Although we’re being called PBTT copy cats, they don’t have any influence on our music at all, even though we’re big fans. We’ve got our roots in post-rock bands like Moving Mountains, Caspian, Explosions In The Sky and some post-hardcore bands with funnier guitars such as Dance Gavin Dance and The Fall Of Troy, which probably have informed Gustav and Olle to their methods of playing but adapted to a modern screamo style where Johan comes in with his skramz ideals. So yeah, growing up in Sweden is shaping us very much, but with a goal for an international outlook.”


Do you feel that there is a strong fanbase for post-hardcore music in Sweden or do you feel that at some point you will have to move to the UK, for example, for the next stage in Disembarked’s career?

“The scene in Sweden is a bit odd, but we have a number of bands that have formed recently. It’s a vague term that people use to describe so many different sounds, in my opinion. We’ve seen that for many other genres as well, screamo used to mean bands like Antioch Arrow and Pg.99 and post-hardcore used to mean bands like Fugazi, but the terms have changed drastically since the media started using these names to describe music which, in some cases, sounds nothing like what the genre first stood for. Personally, I think it can become annoying at times when genres mix up so heavily. About the last part of the question, we will probably not move somewhere else just for the sake of the scene. Both because Sweden needs more active bands and because it seems to be kind of a big hassle for such a minor thing.”

Plans for the future…another EP?

“There are no plans for another EP at the moment (Sounds of deflation in the FLW office) as working towards an album is our goal. We have two tours coming up now, one starting next week but only in Sweden. In July, we will be embarking on a European tour with Reason To Care, but there’s no UK dates on that tour!”

Finally, is there a Disembarked overall philosophy?

“Not really,” comes the immediate reply. “We’re in it for the music and don’t want to involve politics or stuff. The lyrics are more about personal issues and life experiences. Maybe the guitarists think about something really deep while licking their guitars but probably not.”



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What has been one of the most amusing incidents for Disembarked to date when recording or performing live?

“I always say, it’s not a Disembarked show if something bad doesn’t happen. One funny thing was when our drummer Olle started bleeding profusely from his foot while playing!”

What has been one of the strangest experiences when recording or performing live?

“Must be when we had to pause in the middle of our set because Olle started bleeding massively from his foot. Gustav played our song “Disease” but in a singer-songwriter style; singing and playing guitar. It was cosy!”

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