Jordan Rome Spoke With FLW

Jordan Rome Spoke With FLW

New interview to arrive at Famous Last Words (FLW) is with singer-songwriter Jordan Rome.

Fresh from recent recording of future single ‘Till The End’, Jordan Rome is fast gaining a name for himself via his concoction of alternative rock, country & western and punk blues. It all makes for an interesting sound but one that never sounds overcomplicated as Jordan Rome manages to tie all such influences into one complete whole.

With previous single ‘Charon’ making an impact with audiences Stateside with its grunge and punk influences most potent and for the song’s title borrowed from Greek mythology, the name Jordan Rome look sets to gain new followers given the reception of this former single and judging from early reactions to the aforementioned and forthcoming new release ‘Till The End’.

FLW is proud to bring a new face and new music to our readership with Jordan Rome and the interview ‘American Misfit’.

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