Late-Night Electro-Pop From MSRBL

Late-Night Electro-Pop From MSRBL

Moody synths and late-night settings all in a day’s work for electronic pairing from Finland.

Out with a new single is electronic pop duo MSRBL. The latest single from the pair arrives with accompanying video to help fuel the imagery conjured up by its soundtrack single. It’s a promising track from the Finnish band who originally started out back in 2010 and consisting of only one member. With the single ‘Everybody Lies’ arriving on the strength of several previous releases; most notably their single ‘Echo’ after receiving much airplay in their homeland, especially YleX -Radio. The music of MSRBL is influenced by electronic dance music as well as 80’s synth pop scene.

The ongoing career of MSRBL certainly looks bright on the strength of ‘Everybody Lies’.

The single ‘Everybody Lies’ is out now on Secret Entertainment.

Watch the video to Everybody Lies @ FLW


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