Letters To Lions With New Single

Letters To Lions With New Single

Fresh single out of the creative box from Letters To Lions

Out with a new single is Australian indie-rock band Letters To Lions. The single titled ‘Come Around’ is currently being promoted in North America and is the first song to be lifted from the band’s forthcoming album. Speaking of the current single ‘Come Around’, Letters To Lions explained in their own words the reasons for this particular track being chosen first, along with a few background details regarding its meaning.

“We went out with Come Around as our first single for the new record as it’s the most upbeat and driven of the songs. It’s a feel good song about life change and the anxiety that accompanies it. We were all living together in a house at the time experiencing some pretty heavy life circumstances, the general vibe of the song is about overcoming adversity and clawing our way out of the hole we had dug.”

Listen to the single ‘Come Around’ right here at Famous Last Words (FLW)

‘Come Around’ is availbe now and released with the help of Indica Records (Australia) and Sonic Unyon (North America).

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