London Artist Brijs Out With Jasmine

London Artist Brijs Out With Jasmine

New track from London artist Brijs (pronounced ‘Bryce’) with a reworking of Jai Paul’s ‘Jasmine’.

With influences from indie pop, psych pop and dance music in his makeup, as well as serving as bass player both on stage and in the recording studio for Will Joseph Cook before the latter artist signed to Atlantic Records, 27-year-old musician Brijs is taking more of a solo route these days.

Such examples of his work have been used for screen (i.e. Brijs’ track ‘Thunder’ was used by Strongbow for their 2016 commercial campaign) and the wider pop market. In addition, Brijs’ work has included film scores, including the 2016 short, We Love Moses, which recently won Best British Short at the London Critics Circle Film Awards, The Dinard British Film Festival and the Iris Prize Festival.

The latest is that Brijs now finds himself with new single ‘Jasmine’, which is a reworking of Jai Paul’s earlier track.

“I’ve always heard a disco banger hidden somewhere beneath the magnificent depths of the original and finally decided to eek it out. I can’t speak for Jai,” says Brijs, “but for me this song came to represent insecurity in two relationships with people who were way out of my league. I wanted to frame that bittersweet place between the flattery of the attention from that person we are infatuated with and the anxiety of believing they deserve better. The song speaks to an underdog in love.” – Brijs on his lastest track ‘Jasmine’.

Listen to Jasmine at Famous Last Words (FLW)

With a debut album on its way and plenty more screen ventures to come, Brijs continues to make waves as a versatile musician, composer and producer, broadening the nation’s sonic architecture via whatever format presents itself. Watch this space!

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