Lost Division Release New Single

Lost Division Release New Single

Out with a new single is Finnish rockers Lost Division. The brand new track is ‘Wish You Were Dead’ that contains something of a personal touch when it comes to the sentiments expressed via the song’s lyrics.

With Lost Division producing a brand of  hard rock with elements of a harder metallic sound their music stands out for such influences but also due to compelling female vocals via lead singer Teija Lämpsä.

If you’re looking for a band that can help through the difficult times when life serves up a raw deal, then Lost Division could be the perfect unit to aid you through such difficult times as their music and lyrics are about as honest as you can get as the band indicate via new single ‘Wish You Were Dead’:

“What do you do when you always seem to be surrounded with people who cannot be trusted? What do you do when you loose everything dear and precious the second you turn your back at them? You get even. And then you make a song about it.”

The single ‘Wish You Were Dead’ is out now and available via Inverse Records

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