LUCYNINE Announce News Of Debut Album

LUCYNINE Announce News Of Debut Album

LUCYNINE is the brainchild of musician and one-man band Sergio Bertani. The Italian performer is gearing up for the release of his debut album ‘Amor Venenat’, which is scheduled for release July 31st 2020 via Inverse Records.

Prior to the album release, LUCYNINE has issued a single ‘Heartectomy’ taken from the forthcoming debut album. In his own words, Sergio Bertani explained his reasoning behind the single ‘Heartectomy’:

“‘Heartectomy’ talks about disappointment, frustration, and how you feel when a certainty collapses and pulls your whole world down with itself. It’s about when the heart hurts so much, it is so torn apart that you’d like it to be eradicated from your chest forever. This song was written straight away, an angry outburst that weaves love and pain with the myth of Prometheus who stole the fire from the gods and brought it to mankind and, for this reason, was condemned to be tied to a rock with an eagle that ripped his stomach every day and devoured his liver”, explains LUCYNINE’s mastermind Sergio Bertani. “The video itself is based on ambiguity. There are three characters: the narrator, Power and the Act: according to Aristotelian theory, an action that has the requisites to be concretized and the action itself that is performed. But is revenge real? Are anger and hatred directed at someone or towards themselves? And who is Prometheus, who is the rapacious? Does fire, Love, give life or tear it apart? Whose blood is spilled? Better to see or be blind? There is no single right answer. Like everything else in this project, the video clip was made exclusively by me, also because it was conceived and shot in quarantine, completely in my kitchen, using the stuff I had at home, trying to get the best possible result”.

The new album ‘Amor Venenat’ will feature 13 tracks which explore the darkest and most negative sides of love where, musically, the sounds range from metal to punk, post-hardcore and 80’s dark wave. Again, in his own words, Sergio Bertani explains his reasons for creating such a deeply personal record:

“This record features many layers, and it’s full of details and shades. ‘Amor Venenat’ is the result of a very important personal and artistic journey that kept me busy for years. I think I put a lot of myself into these songs, I literally laid bare and this is my greatest satisfaction: the result is true, sincere, real, raw”.

Amor Venenat will be available 31/07/20 digitally and as a digipack CD on Inverse Records

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