M.I.L.K. Sing About ‘U And Me’

M.I.L.K. Sing About ‘U And Me’

From Denmark comes M.I.L.K. and latest song ‘U and Me’.

The new track currently doing the promotional rounds is taken from the EP ‘A Memory Of A Memory Of A Postcard’ that focuses on a few personal issues and, in particular, that difficult and equally joyous subject of love.

Current song ‘U and Me’ is one such personal cut that focuses on love in “its purest form” despite this particular moment not lasting too long.

With M.I.L.K. (aka Emil Wilk) issuing ‘U and Me’ as a remixed version of its original incarnation via Kiwi’s LEISURE, who add touches of electronic, funk and R&B to the song and therefore providing an interesting alternative.

Speaking of the remix of ‘U and Me’ M.I.L.K. had nothing but high praise for the revised version of his song:

“Leisure is my favourite band. Full-on fan girling. In my book it doesn’t get more sunshine. So when this remix happened – oof, it was big day. Can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Listen to ‘U and Me’ by M.I.L.K. and LEISURE’s remix:

The remix of ‘U and Me’ is out now, in addition to the full EP ‘A Memory Of A Memory Of A Postcard’ via Capitol Music France. Furthermore, the EP will continue to be promoted by means of a visual project that will include a video installation, six music videos, a photo series and an exhibition tour.

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