Manny Jr. & The Cyclones Rise To The Top!

Rockabilly Girl & Rockabilly Boys

Canadian rockabilly band Manny Jr. & The Cyclones took FLW by surprise with their album ‘Rockabilly Girl’.

Such was the level of excitement here at Famous Last Words (FLW) in relation to the band’s album, that there was simply no ignoring Manny Jr. & The Cyclones rightful place at the top of the pile of Famous Last Words’ Playlist:

In addition, check out Famous Last Words’ review of ‘Rockabilly Girl’ to see what all the fuss is about:

For those who have not experienced the wild rockabilly sounds of this Canadian quartet, then the following video clip of Manny Jr. & The Cyclones in action provides a small taster of what you’re missing out on.

Manny Jr. & The Cyclones ‘Rockabilly Girl’ is out now on El Toro Records

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