Møl With News Of UK Live dates

Møl Announce News Of UK Live dates

With a debut album on the horizon, Denmark’s Møl issue news of live dates in the UK.

The forthcoming live gigs will take place in the UK and serve as part of a tour supporting Svalbard (24.05.18 to 25.05.18) and Helpless and Monolithian (26.05.18 – 27.05.18).

In response to the upcoming live dates Møl said:

“It is Møl’s first tour in England! We´re super excited to see how the UK will greet us five Danes and our gentle and punishing tunes! It’s a scary thing – but with such great company as Svalbard, Helpless & Monolithian – plus ending the whole ordeal with a kickass show at Creeping Death Fest in the city of Brighton, I know we’re in for a quick but nonetheless memorable ride.”

Before the UK live dates, Møl will release their debut album ‘Jord’ that is currently available for preorder on LP/CD/DD. The official release date for the album ‘Jord’ is 14.04.18 on Holy Roar Records.


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