New Album For Kaos Krew

New Album For Kaos Krew

Straight into the New Year and Finnish metal band Kaos Krew release a new single ‘Whiteout’ taken from the band’s new album ‘From the Ostrobothnian Plain’.

With the latest album release set for release at the end of this month, Kaos Krew warm things up nicely with the current single ‘Whiteout’, before the band see their fifth album released.

You can see Kaos Krew’s video and listen to new single ‘Whiteout’ @ FLW

Details about current single ‘Whiteout’ concern a particularly barren space of the Ostrobothnian area in Finland, and the struggles many people undergo during dramatic winter weather.

The single ‘Whiteout’ is available now, and the album, ‘From the Ostrobothnian Plain’ is released 31/01/20 on Inverse Records

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