New Album From The Waterboys

New Album From The Waterboys

Out today is the new double album from legendary The Waterboys.

‘Out Of All This Blue’ is released via BMG Records and was produced by lead singer Mike Scott of The Waterboys. The double LP was recorded in Dublin and Tokyo and will be available in several formats including a double CD; double vinyl; a deluxe version featuring three CDs with the addition of bonus material, and a deluxe triple vinyl including bonus tracks. The new album ‘Out Of All This Blue’ is also available as a digital download.

In support of the album release, The Waterboys has issued a music video for the track ‘If The Answer Is Yeah’ featuring actors Clive Russell and Sharon Elder, and then followed recently by ‘Payo Pay Chin’ (Japanese version of ‘Good Morning Darling’) with both songs lifted from ‘Out Of All This Blue’. It is suggested that both of these video singles focus on the dating game and finding your ‘dream’ partner.

See the video to ‘If The Answer Is Yeah’ at Famous Last Words (FLW)

‘Out Of All This Blue’ is The Waterboys most experimental album to date and includes twenty-three songs written by Mike Scott and taking in numerous influences from pop music through to classic R&B, country, soul and funk and elements of modern hip-hop. All strings and brass instrumentation heard on the new album are arranged by Trey Pollard from The Spacebomb Collective.

Further insight of the new album release by The Waterboys is given by band leader Mike Scott himself as he says: “Out Of All This Blue is 2/3 love and romance, 1/3 stories and observations.  I knew from the beginning I wanted to make a double album, and lucky for me – and I hope the listener – the songs just kept coming, and in pop colours.”

The Waterboys ‘Out Of All This Blue’ is out now on BMG Records

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