New Album From Benjamin Finger

New Album From Benjamin Finger

Benjamin Finger is a man of mystery and an artist deeply admired by all here at Famous Last Words (FLW).

The admiration for this artist, DJ and producer is for his dedication to his musical craft that has seen a succession of album releases over the past few years, which have reflected the varying influences running through his creative veins and thus producing atmospheric soundscapes that capture moments in time as well as serving as passages to the next life experiences.

With a new long player set for release in March 2017, Benjamin Finger offers the first taste of this new album via the track ‘Distance of A Shadow (Ghostflowers)’.

There is a video to accompany ‘Distance of A Shadow (Ghostflowers)’ that was shot and directed by Benjamin himself on Super 8 in Oakland and San Francisco.

See the video accompaniment to ‘Distance of A Shadow (Ghostflowers)’ here at Famous Last Words (FLW)

As with the track ‘Distance of A Shadow (Ghostflowers)’,  the forthcoming album, ‘Ghost Figures’, is predominantly structured through use of piano in order to create its atmospheric pieces that were painstakingly constructed over a two-year period that saw Benjamin Finger spending many hours alone improvising and rehearsing in order to bring this album to light.

Expect to see the new album ‘Ghost Figures’ as a strictly 300 copies only release via Oak Editions on 7th March 2017


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