New Interview Landed @ FLW Doc & The Headshrinkers

New Interview Landed @ FLW Doc & The Headshrinkers

Fresh off the printing roll is a new interview with rock ‘n’ roll outfit Doc & the Headshrinkers.

It’s been a very difficult year so far for everybody and those associated with music. Trying to get interviews is not the problem, but a lack of any new activity because of the coronavirus pandemic is proving a problem, especially when it comes to the live scene. Despite the ongoing difficulties, Famous Last Words (FLW) continues to plough ahead and brings another interview and this time with Doc & the Headshrinkers.

The three-piece band has been performing live for a few years and their most current album is ‘Crashland’. There is, according to the band’s frontman Dave ‘Doc’ Cutter, who was the elected spokesperson for the interview with FLW, a new album written and recorded and ready to go. It’s all a matter of timing though, considering the everchanging rules and regulations regarding the above ongoing crisis.

Enough of that for the moment because FLW has its latest interview to offer with an extremely exciting and interesting band with much experience and knowledge when it comes to the rockin’ scene. Please head straight to our interview section where FLW hopes you enjoy the conversation we had with Dave Cutter and his take on the past and present regarding all things Doc & the Headshrinkers.

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