New Interview With Creek Road Eleven

New Interview With Creek Road Eleven

It has been a while but Famous Last Words (FLW) returns with a brand-new interview featuring one of Finland’s finest, Creek Road Eleven.

The five-piece country-rock band has a new album out titled ‘Creek Running Again’ and follows after their debut release ‘The Long Harvest’.

The latest record features ten new tracks written and recorded by the band and was issued during what has been a very difficult year for everyone.

‘Creek Running Again’ does not stray from Creek Road Eleven’s winning formula of country rock and therefore will please many fans who’ve been following the band for some time.

Famous Last Words (FLW) caught up with Toni Ruuska (vocals/guitar) of Creek Road Eleven for a chat to see how the new record came to be and what the band have been up to since its release.

Latest interview @ FLW is with CREEK ROAD ELEVEN…Welcome back!

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