New Interview With Hot Rod Double

New Interview With Hot Rod Double

New year, new interview at Famous Last Words (FLW).

Hot Rod Double is the first interview of 2016 at Famous Last Words (FLW), and what a great experience it was talking with the band’s frontman Terje Kinn.

Not only is Terje Kinn a very talented musician, but he also knows how to write a song or two with some very insightful lyrics that are not your usual themes associated with rockabilly music.

Hot Rod Double released their debut album last year, and it picked up a very respectable position on the FLW end of year Top 50 Records poll, which can be seen from the following FLW link:

FLW thinks Hot Rod Double’s self-titled album is a terrific piece of work and one that looks set to springboard this rockin’ trio to a second effort later this year. Add to that the fact that Terje Kinn is probably one of the nicest artists FLW has had the honour of interviewing, then all there is left to say is that Terje Kinn and Hot Rod Double FLW salutes you!

Read the interview with Hot Rod Double here at FLW!

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