New Interview With TONTO

New Interview With TONTO

Aaooo! It’s TONTO at Famous Last Words (FLW). Latest interview with Spanish rock ‘n’ roll band TONTO arrives at a good time considering the band have two single releases to their name, and with a debut album planned for release very soon.

FLW first learnt of this fairly new band via TONTO’s drummer P.J. González who kindly sent word via an MP3 of the band’s single ‘Aaooo’. Such was the excitement on this side of the FLW desk that we decided to return the favour and offer an interview with TONTO.

With a debut album hoping to see the light of day before the end of 2017, TONTO has made fast inroads to getting their music and name heard and noticed.

For more information regarding TONTO, then head straight to our interviews section to read what all the fuss is about:

(Photography courtesy of Joan Ribas)

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