New Single And EP From Fufanu

New Single And EP From Fufanu

The first of a triology of EPs from Fufanu has been announced with the first in the series titled ‘Dialogue I’, which is available 29th June 2018 on One Little Indian Records.

Each EP in the series has been described as “…an exercise in exploring their multiple sonic personalities, from motorik and post-punk to alt-techno, to woozy avant-garde electronica.”

The first single to be released from the forthcoming ‘Dialogue I’ EP is the track ‘Hourglass’, which is a pensive electonic exploration that documents the band’s lead singer Kaktus Einarrsson’s process of grieving the loss of his grandparents whilst on tour.

The EP ‘Dialogue I’ consists of four tracks that were written during Fufanu’s global tour last year promoting second album ‘Sports’.

Speaking about the new single ‘Hourglass’, the above mentioned Kaktus Einarrsson commented: “It was a big shock to me when I lost my grandfather, we were really close and understood each other to a special degree. I then lost my grandmother while I was on tour with Fufanu. She had been fighting cancer, but she was so strong that it came as a shock to me when she left. I did not manage to take care of the grief and feelings whilst on tour, so they just moved further and further away from me. It was then by pure coincidence that I was staying in the same hotel in Seattle where I had gotten the news that she had died exactly one year earlier, and those feelings kicked back. I realized that I had been numb for a year and at that moment I started to acknowledge that she was gone. I think I actually finished that process with Hourglass.”

The idea to release a trio of EPs not doubt stems from the band’s desire to simply continue what their doing creatively by not allowing for this creative process to stop as Einnarsson explains: “What is great about the creative workflow of Fufanu is that we’ve never just stopped. We’ve never hit a sound that we’re going to stick with, it has always been about discovering what it is we want to make during each moment, and to just keep on exploring.
There’s this crazy need for people to always categorize everything. Life isn’t just on or off, good or bad – it’s everything in the middle.”

Fufanu has announced a live date to be held in the UK later this year at The Pickle Factory, London, 16/10/18.

The single ‘Hourglass’ is out now via One Little Indian Records. The EP ‘Dialogue I’ is available 29/06/18 also on One Little Indian Records.

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