New Single & Video By The Crowleys

New Single & Video By The Crowleys

Out with a new single is indie psychedelic quartet The Crowleys.

Following on from their summer single ‘L.A. Sunset’, The Crowleys continue their creative journey with latest offering ‘Midnight Blue’, which reflects a sleepless night, thoughts constantly spinning and backed by a lively tempo where surf guitars certainly shine.

Accompanying the new single, ‘Midnight Blue’, is a video created by artist and animator Evan Bond, who met the band after a chance meeting. With a few ideas given by The Crowleys, Evan Bond was left to complete the rest of the music video with the end result being a short animated and minimalist piece depicting a robot as the central character. See the entire video to ‘Midnight Blue’ at Famous Last Words (FLW):

A review of ‘Midnight Blue’ can be read via the following FLW link:

The single ‘Midnight Blue’ is out now and available via Bandcamp.


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