New Track And Video Premiere From Benjamin Finger

New Video Track ‘VOCAL LIMITED’ from Benjamin Finger premiered at FLW!

Famous Last Words (FLW) is proud to announce the new video track ‘Vocal Limited’ by Norway’s Benjamin Finger.

Serving as a precursor to the forthcoming album ‘MOTION REVERSE’ is the brand new video track ‘Vocal Limited’ from DJ and songwriter Benjamin Finger. Having been directed and shot on a Super 8mm in the locations of Oslo, Norway and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and featuring partner Eva Jacobsen, ‘Vocal Limited’ walks directly through the corridors of a dreamlike condition that is occupied with flittering imagery of an ethereal and surreal nature, and brings to mind various nuances of the film director Stanley Kubrick.

With the musical accompaniment variously shifting from grainy shades of colour and often projecting a moody state with its scratchy electronic pulses giving off an air of irritation, that also gives way to bouts of agitation, Benjamin Finger turns in another masterful ambient soundscape that is fitting of the visionary images accompanying the video, ‘Vocal Limited’.

The video to ‘Vocal Limited’ can be viewed here at Famous last Words (FLW)

‘Vocal Limited’ is taken from the album ‘Motion Reverse’ which is scheduled for release 26th June 2015 on Shimmering Moods Records.

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