New Video & Remix For Benjamin Finger

New Video & Remix For Benjamin Finger

Featured in the Famous Last Words (FLW) end of year rundown of our Top 50 Records for 2015, Benjamin Finger received no less than three entries for his recorded works last year.

Taken from his ‘Amorosa Sensitiva’ long player, released via Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records, is the track ‘Techno In Clay’.

The single release of Techno In Clay’ has been remixed by InnlandsMongo and comes in the form of a video single which can be viewed here at Famous Last Words (FLW).

The video to ‘Techno In Clay’ features excerpts from the film “Ghosts Before Breakfast” (1927) by Hans Richter, and it is one that definitely has a feel of the Belgian surrealist artist, René Magritte, about it.

The remix of ‘Techno In Clay’ by InnlandsMongo is adapted from ‘Waltz In Clay’, which can be heard in its original format on the above mentioned ‘Amorosa Sensitiva’ album.

In addition, FLW described the same long player as: “Despite ‘Amorosa Sensitiva’ finding Benjamin Finger at a juncture where thoughts weigh heavy, this ‘Waltz in Clay’ of the mind is transformed into a truly fascinating experience where personal creativity is expressed in new ways, and serves as a conduit to the next phase…”

‘Amorosa Sensitiva’ is out now and available on Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records

(Photography courtesy of Asbjørn Nilsen)


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