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Good Ol’ Boys Arne Benoni & Ottar “Big Hand” Johansen

Good Ol’ Boys Arne Benoni & Ottar “Big Hand” Johansen Teaming up for a new single are Norwegian country legends Arne Benoni and Ottar “Big Hand” Johansen. With the country music duo choosing to cover Waylon Jennings’ ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ continue →

Scout Killers Announce Tour Dates

Scout Killers Announce Tour Dates Indie-rock band Scout Killers will be heading out on tour next month. The new live dates will begin November 2nd and will include special guests Blitzkrieg City and Daily Thompson. Details for all live dates continue →

Riding The Mississippi Queen

Riding The Mississippi Queen There’s a new interview hot off the press at Famous Last Words (FLW) today! Croatian rockabilly band Mississippi Queen is the latest band to feature in these very pages. Lead singer and guitarist, as well as continue →

New Album For Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend Chuck Berry

New Album For Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend Chuck Berry After reaching the grand age of 90 yesterday, Chuck Berry celebrated his birthday with the announcement of a new album. With the legend of rock ‘n’ roll commenting, “I’m growing old! continue →

FLW Receives TOP 15 Recognition

FLW Receives TOP 15 Recognition Famous Last Words (FLW) received a TOP 15 award for its independent music coverage from fellow music blog Musique Oblique. Message of this award came from afar that this very music paper was awarded a continue →

Love’s Lonely Rover

Love’s Lonely Rover Taken from their current album ‘White Desert Blues’, The Northern Lies issue new music video to accompany the track, ‘Love’s Lonely Rover’. The music video sees actor Julia Bache-Wiig represent the central character, with her work being continue →

Debut EP From Tiergarten

Debut EP From Tiergarten Brooklyn trio Tiergarten announce details of their first ever EP ‘Magnificent Desolation’ on 17th June  2016. With a sound that has been described as “space rock” and post-hardcore with the latter possessing a somewhat glossy edge, continue →

Hot Off The Press It’s Giant Giant!

New Interview With Grunge Merchants Giant Giant Latest interview to grace the pages of Famous Last Words (FLW) is with indie trio Giant Giant. Boasting a strong grunge influence, Giant Giant come from Helsinki in Finland and have recently seen continue →

New Interview With Dan Lipton At FLW

Breathing In Realised Singer-songwriter Dan Lipton is the latest artist to feature at Famous Last Words (FLW). With his new album ‘Breathing In’ released this year, Dan Lipton finally got to see all his hard work and efforts payoff with continue →

New Album For Civilian

New Album For Civilian A new album for indie-rock band CIVILIAN that sees songwriter Ryan Alexander examining the possible links of love and politics and science and hope. The album is titled ‘Should This Noose Unloosen’ and it is one continue →

A Reunion For The Anniversary

A Reunion For The Anniversary After initially announcing the news that indie-emo band The Anniversary has decided to reunite for a place on the Taste of Chaos Festival this summer in San Bernardino, CA on 16th July, there will be continue →

Terrible Love Release Change Nothing EP

Terrible Love Release Change Nothing EP Official vinyl release of first EP for Terrible Love With the demise of previous bands Goodtime Boys, Bastions and Grappler, a new line-up emerged by the name of Terrible Love. The results of this continue →

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Unnoticed Moments

Unnoticed Moments

Phi Bui (Eilean Records)

Phi Bui has created an intricate web of sounds by capturing the atmospherics of everyday living and piecing this together with various musical references.

Snakes In Blossom

Snakes In Blossom

Angertea (Inverse Records)

Angertea call on a few fellow musicians to help create the detailed structures of the songs making up their fifth album release ‘Snakes In Blossom’.

Horse Jumper of Love

Horse Jumper of Love

Horse Jumper of Love' (Disposable America / Gawk Records)

Described as “slow rock” but don’t let that put you off as Horse Jumper of Love has delivered a truly exceptional album.

Charlie Oxford

Charlie Oxford

Charlie Oxford (Untitled)

The debut album by Charlie Oxford takes its influences from blues, pop and rock and ends up with a rather fine collection of songs indeed.

Howlin At The Moon

Howlin’ At The Moon

A.J. & the Rockin' Trio (Rhythm Bomb)

Exceptional rockabilly all the way from Portugal, A.J. & the Rockin’ Trio turn on the style.

The Weather Vane

The Weather Vane

Coral Lee Farrow (Rhythm Bomb)

There is much to engage the listener when listening to the authentic sounds of ‘The Weather Vane’.


Snake Bites (from album Strays)

Womack (Secret Entertainment)

Full of smart lyrics and one of the standout tracks from the album Strays, Womack flex their song writing skills during the song Snake Bites.

Keep Singing

Keep Singing

Rick Astley (BMG)

Stunning comeback single inspired by gospel music and one that marks out a major new chapter in the career of former 80′s popstar Rick Astley.

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Stuff We Leave Behind

Wonky Tonk (Working Brilliantly)

A clever album that makes use of a variety of musical sources yet predominantly sounds like a country album.


This Life Of Mine

Jen Lane (Poor Kitty / Independent)

Big in Canada and likely to win over a large number of people over here with her country album ‘This Life Of Mine’.

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