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The Jets Bring The Christmas Spirit

The Jets Bring The Christmas Spirit Live Action From 80s Rockabilly Revivalists The Jets Christmas arrived early at Famous Last Words (FLW) with 80s rockabilly band The Jets. It has been a long time. Stuck inside the four corners of continue →

The Tigerlilies Arrive At FLW!

The Tigerlilies Arrive At FLW! Exclusive interview with post-punk and power pop band The Tigerlilies Famous Last Words (FLW) was full of praise for The Tigerlilies recent EP ’123456′. It was on the back of this review that FLW decided continue →

Video Premiere For Benjamin Finger @ FLW

Video Premiere For Benjamin Finger @ FLW Benjamin Finger continues with his creative input via latest album ’10′ on Sellout! Music. In order to promote this latest record from one of Norway’s most prolific musicians, DJs and producers, Benjamin Finger continue →

New Interview & New Kings Of Outer Space At FLW

New Interview & New Kings Of Outer Space At FLW The wait was worth it when trying to secure an interview with The Kings of Outer Space. With the band having decided to disband not too long ago, and then continue →

Reptilians From Another Planet

Reptilians From Another Planet New interview at Famous Last Words (FLW) features the very engaging Reptilians From Andromeda. With their current EP ‘Sonic Rabbit Hole’ still attracting much attention and praise (rightly so!), FLW it took upon itself to investigate continue →

New Album From KROBAK

New Album From KROBAK A new album from post-rock band KROBAK is issued today! The brand new long player titled ‘Nightbound’ consists of four tracks and finds the band building on their reputation for impressive soundscapes that have been known continue →

Joana Serrat And A Cloudy Heart

 Joana Serrat And A Cloudy Heart Artist Joana Serrat celebrates her new video for ‘Cloudy Heart’, which has been directed by MANSON. The track for this latest video has been taken from Joana’s 2016 album ‘Cross The Verge’ and features continue →

Blake Morgan To End The Year On A High

Blake Morgan To End The Year On A High After performing an incredible number of live shows this year, 64 gigs over 42 weeks, the final performance from singer-songwriter, Blake Morgan, will be at Rockwood Music Hall storied Stage 3 continue →

Roger Græsberg & Foreningen New Single & Album

Roger Græsberg & Foreningen New Single & Album Roger Græsberg & Foreningen look to next year for the release of their debut album “Lyden av hjul”. The new album will be released in January (2017) via Safe & Sound Recordings. continue →

Good Ol’ Boys Arne Benoni & Ottar “Big Hand” Johansen

Good Ol’ Boys Arne Benoni & Ottar “Big Hand” Johansen Teaming up for a new single are Norwegian country legends Arne Benoni and Ottar “Big Hand” Johansen. With the country music duo choosing to cover Waylon Jennings’ ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ continue →

Scout Killers Announce Tour Dates

Scout Killers Announce Tour Dates Indie-rock band Scout Killers will be heading out on tour next month. The new live dates will begin November 2nd and will include special guests Blitzkrieg City and Daily Thompson. Details for all live dates continue →

Riding The Mississippi Queen

Riding The Mississippi Queen There’s a new interview hot off the press at Famous Last Words (FLW) today! Croatian rockabilly band Mississippi Queen is the latest band to feature in these very pages. Lead singer and guitarist, as well as continue →

FLW Playlist

The Harvey Steel Show (4)

Beefheart High School Dropout

the Harvey Steel show (Safe & Sound Recordings)

Jupiter is a fun place to be! Two out of three songs keep The Harvey Steel Show out on top with latest EP Beefheart High School Dropout.



KROBAK (Bandcamp)

KROBAK release album number three that manages to cram a rollercoaster ride of emotions into a short space of time via an Instrumental post-rock sound.

Maryann & the Tri-Tones

Supersonic Gal

Maryann & the Tri-Tones (Rhythm Bomb)

Vocals reminiscent of Janice Martin and a wild authentic rockabilly sound makes this for one corker of a debut album!

Mississippi Queen (3)

Oh Yeah!

Mississippi Queen (Rhythm Bomb)

Experience is a virtue when it comes to Mississippi Queen and their current album ‘Oh Yeah!’ as the veterans of the Croatian rockabilly scene turn up the heat on their creativity to deliver a near masterpiece.

Scott Taylor

Tennessee (from album Blues Kitchen)

Scott Taylor (Fetal Records)

It’s a track that stands head and shoulders above the rest, which is some praise considering the rest of the contents of ‘Blues Kitchen’ are close to sublime, ‘Tennessee’ stirs the emotions via impeccable vocals, thoughtful lyrics and excellent musicianship.

II Bruto

Resolute Soil (Single)

II Brutto (Utech)

A sprawling epic that was made for spaghetti westerns, II Brutto show their credentials with the magnificent ‘Resolute Soil’.

False Flag

False Flag (Single)

Terrible Love (Big Scary Monsters)

A song for troubled times and one that reveals a band who genuinely care about the current state of society via a modern punk hardcore sound. False Flag will raise a few eyebrows, and reintroduces the flexi disc format!

Racin' The Devil

The Girl From Hell (from album Racin’ The Devil)

Lee Rocker (Alligator)

Thunderous bass and gritty guitars open Lee Rocker’s Racin’ the Devil in some style via the excellent, The Girl From Hell.



The Tigerlilies (Working Brilliantly)

With no prior knowledge of The Tigerlilies at FLW before their 123456 EP landed on the desk, the outcome was great admiration for a post-punk record that engages the senses on a number of levels.



Simple Minds (Caroline International)

Seemingly arriving from nowhere, this surprise of a ‘Acoustic’ album from Simple Minds shows that the band has lost none of their creative edge by reworking songs from their back catalogue which, for the majority of its contents, work to great effect.

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