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A Surprise Package

A Surprise Package Time for One Cup of Coffee. This month Famous Last Words (FLW) will be featuring a few interviews and new reviews. Right now FLW is proud to announce a brand new interview with Contrarian. Definitely something a continue →

New Habits For Elephant Tree

New Habits For Elephant Tree Scheduled for release this April 2020 is the third album from indie outfit Elephant Tree.  The forthcoming album release receives the title ‘Habits’ and has been a longtime coming. After four years of developing their continue →

Juno Poised With New Album

Juno Poised With New Album Readying themselves with a new album release is Juno. The album due 24/01/20 has been given the name ‘Young Star’ and is available via Jazzland Recordings. The album ‘Young Star’ showcases the predominately jazz influences continue →

Worth The Wait For Finnish-Canadian Rockers Forth

Worth The Wait For Finnish-Canadian Rockers Forth Available now is the final prequel single ‘Waiting’ by Finnish-Canadian alternative-rock band FORTH. The single arrives as something of a surprise, but also as means of “Thank you” to all of Forth’s supporters continue →

New Single Release For OHO

New Single Release For OHO Just released is the brand new offering from Finnish band OHO and goes by the name of ‘My Shadow & I’. The single is released via Concorde Music Company and is the first track to continue →

Playing Away From Home Is Shell Of A Shell

Playing Away From Home Is Shell Of A Shell Set for their debut album release in February 2020 is indie band Shell Of A Shell. The forthcoming album ‘Away Team’ arrives after the warmly received EP ‘Already There’ which, according continue →

Album & Tour For Garganjua

Album & Tour For Garganjua Out now is the new album from Garganjua. With the album, ‘Toward The Sun’, released by Holy Roar Records, Garganjua has seen a slew of positive reviews for the LP, with the band set to continue →

The Good The Bad & The Zugly Return

The Good The Bad & The Zugly Return Making a return to the music scene in 2020 is The Good The Bad & The Zugly. The five-piece band make a new entrance with brand new LP ‘Algorithm & Blues’, which continue →

Modern Rituals Set For New LP

Modern Rituals Set For New LP Landing in March 2020 is the new album from Modern Rituals. The forthcoming album release is the second from Modern Rituals and has been given the title ‘This Is The History’ and will be continue →

Surface Textures Of A Journey

Surface Textures Of A Journey Ambient music arrives @ FLW via latest album and interview with American artist Andrew Tasselmyer. It was all in a journey of several different countries and his homeland that ambient artist Andrew Tasselmyer put together continue →

Live Dates For OHHMS

Live Dates For OHHMS OHHMS announce new UK live dates. Heading out for a series of live dates begining next month is OHHMS. The gigs will take place during August 2019 and will continue at various intervals until November this continue →

Throes Debut On The Way!

Throes Debut On The Way! The debut album from Idaho based band Throes is set for release. The official release date for the new LP from sludge – hardcore merchants Throes is scheduled for 26th July 2019. The debut album continue →

FLW Playlist


Less One Knows

Benjamin Finger (Dead Definition)

A deviation from previous works, and most welcome as Less One Knows is quite possibly the Norwegian’s best album to date.


Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers Vol.8

Various Artists (Koko Mojo)

Rather like a good novel that you do not want to end, the same feeling applies to the series ‘Southern Bred: Texas R&B Rockers’.


Glass Island

Richard Luke (Moderna Records)

‘Glass Island’ is an album to break the strongest of hearts yet also provide reasons for optimism that all is not lost.


Up and Down

Ramblin Bandits (Rhythm Bomb)

The Ramblin Bandits show no signs of fatigue during ‘Up and Down’ because it’s simply engaging from start to finish.



Doc & the Headshrinkers (HSM)

Rock and roll is alive and well in West Wales via Doc & the Headshrinkers’ Crashland.


Thunder & Lightning

Fireball Steven (Rhythm Bomb)

Great comeback album that would have benefited even further from more of his own compositions.


Boss Black Rockers: Mardi Gras Rock Vol.6

Various Artists (Koko Mojo)

Highlighting much needed recognition of the “original” rock ‘n’ rollers, ‘Boss Black Rockers Vol.6’ has something for all true devotees of rock and roll music.


Open Wound (Single)

Svalbard (Holy Roar Records)

There’s beauty in sound with Open Wound, despite the sensitive subject matter of the lyrics. New single before new LP.


Charon (Single)

Jordan Rome (Working Brilliantly)

Alternative rock and grunge-lite ditty but one spiked with an undercurrent of country & western, Charon reveals but one side of Jordan Rome’s music.


Hotel Breakfast

Hot Rod Double (TB Hurricane Records)

Showing no signs of fatigue, Hot Rod Double’s third LP continues to cling to the FLW Playlist with its compelling mix of rockabilly and various strands of country music.

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