Obscure Out With New Record

Obscure Out With New Record

Obscure has issued forth their brand new EP ‘Zero Dawn’. The new EP mixes elements of sludge rock and sludge metal, in addition to other influences that brings to life their latest record and one that cannot be confined to a singular category of music.

The new EP by Obscure has been reviewed at Famous Last Words (FLW). The review can be read in our Reviews section.

With the band having formed in 2015, the band’s guitarist E. Hämäläinen added a few words to support Obscure’s current release:

“We started recording this EP during summer 2017 after doing few gigs around Finland. There was no real musical direction or style of what kind of music we wanted to write, we didn’t decide what “genre” we would want to represent or anything like that. We just wrote what we felt [was] natural to us at the time so the final product is very honest and sounds just very much like us. Here it is, our debut EP that’s finally ready after couple of delays, few technical setbacks and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears proudly presented to you by the ugly b******* of Obscure.”

‘Zero Dawn’ EP is out now and is self-released by Obscure.

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