OHHMS Release Debut Album In March 2017

OHHMS Release Debut Album In March 2017

After two well-received EPs, OHHMS will release their first long player in March 2017.

The album has been given the title ‘The Fool’ and it should see the band increase their reputation further as purveyors of heavy, progressive sludge rock.

Consisting of five tracks with a running time of sixty minutes, ‘The Fool’ focuses on corporate and personal politics, with inspiration coming from the likes of Crass and politically-charged hardcore punk music, leaving the forthcoming album something to be genuinely excited about as OHHMS explain in their own words:

“For this past year and a half, we have been creating ‘The Fool’ and it has been an incredible time for us. From the initial concept to the composing of the music and even sorting the final track listing order, each and every aspect to putting this together as been a joy. Key to us achieving this has been the ongoing support of Holy Roar and Tone MGMT who have handled any nonsense we have thrown at them, and left us to our own devices to make the exact album we wanted to make. We are lucky as hell to have you people. We can’t wait for you to hear it. Play it loud!”

The album ‘The Fool’ is available 31st March 2017 on Holy Roar Records

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