One Cup Of Coffee With El Toro Records

El Toro Records still Screamin’

Famous Last Words (FLW) got in contact with El Toro Records as we have been long admirers of this Spanish record label. With El Toro Records specialising in rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly and R&B reissues, as well as releasing a high number of new releases by more modern rockin’ bands, the label looks to be going from strength to strength.

El Toro Records (5)

In addition to El Toro Records CD and vinyl releases, the record label boss Carlos Diaz is responsible for the major weekender Screamin’ Festival which is held once a year. The Screamin’ Festival has been attracting a large following over the years, and such numbers look set to increase with the 16th Screamin’ festival next year.

FLW hopes that El Toro Records continues its present momentum as it is such a rare and special commodity when the world still has an independent record label in existence, and one that is worth caring about. May the sound charge you indeed!

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