Orlando Bloom Is The Talk Of The Town

Orlando Bloom Is The Talk Of The Town

The Harvey Steel show venture out with a brand new single, ‘Orlando Bloom’, and video accompaniment to provide the first taste of forthcoming album ‘Goodbye Earth’.

Having entered our consciousness a couple of years ago after taking up (permanent?) residency on planet Earth, the Harvey Steel show return with their ultra-weird yet thoroughly compelling brew of blues, psychedelia and arthouse visuals via brand new offering ‘Orlando Bloom’.

One can be forgiven for thinking the obvious regarding the title of said new single with the facial exterior and matching persona of “the guy next door”, yet somehow gold dust all the way from tinsel town rains down on this here parade. Open up the contents, however, of ‘Orlando Bloom’ the single and the innards are the kind you will find in any assorted box of chocolates where variety really is the key word to understanding the world these cosmic cats, the Harvey Steel show, reside in.

By beginning with a sense of urgency that is relayed via a trippy jazz sound with a real sense of foreboding developing, ‘Orlando Bloom’ soon takes a multitude of avenues where pop mingles with soul, for example, to create a little boogie, and given extra buoyancy to this journey by means of brass instrumentation. The predominant lightness of tone musically provides a temporary mask to the lyrical contents, jointly penned via band leader Thomas Bergsten and fellow comrade Kristine Marie Aasvang, where there’s suggestion that ‘Orlando Bloom’ is really concerned with the flaws affecting planet Earth. It’s a fascinating ride and one that deserves to be given a fair hearing if there’s any justice left in this world.

Watch the video to Orlando Bloom here at FLW

In support of their forthcoming single ‘Orlando Bloom’ and impending album release ‘Goodbye Earth’, the Harvey Steel show will be performing a live date at Café Mono in Oslo on the 16th June, and then quickly followed by another live date (18/06/17) exclusively for kids at Working Class Kids in Drammen, Norway.

Take a trip with the Harvey Steel show via ‘Orlando Bloom’ and their scheduled live dates before any decision is made to exit planet Earth in the near future.

‘Orlando Bloom’ is out 16th June 2017 on Safe & Sound Recordings


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