Pom Poko Sign With Bella Union

Pom Poko Sign With Bella Union

Norwegians Pom Poko has signed to record label Bella Union. The new label deal sees the band from Trondheim, Norway,  join fellow indie bands such as Beach House, Susanne Sundfor and The Flaming Lips.

The indie record label Bella Union is owned by Simon Raymonde and Robin Guthrie both formerly of Cocteau Twins.

In response to the new signing of Pom Poko to the indie record label Bella Union, Simon Raymonde commented:

“I first saw Pom Poko in Oslo over a year ago when I was visiting my friends in the band Broen.
They were playing a tiny club one night when I walked in and I was immediately stunned by how good they were even though my friends were telling me they had only been playing together a short while. I loved that they didn’t sound like anyone else, which is a very rare trait in a new band. What also drew me in so fast was that EVERY member was brilliant to watch. Lots of bands have one or two star performers but this band has FOUR! Exciting to watch, their songs are both physical and cerebral, with that spirit of 1979 that I so love. Kind of like The Slits crossed with the Pixies. Cannot wait to put the debut album out and let the world see them / hear them!”

There will be an album from Pom Poko scheduled for 2019, but before then there are several singles planned for release. Watch this space.



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