Red Raven Down Promote New EP

Red Raven Down Promote New EP

Promising days ahead for metalcore band Red Raven Down.

Mid-December is set to be an exciting time for metalcore outfit Red Raven Down. The five-piece band sees their brand new EP released 15th December 2017 on Inverse Records. The forthcoming record is titled ‘Phantoms’ and was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mika Autio. In addition, the EP ‘Phantoms’ contains four tracks with details as follows: 1) Intro 2) Ashes 3) Phantoms 4) Rotten

The band’s singer Jani Korpela commented on the upcoming EP release:

“We were seeking fresh sounds; still we wanted to take something where we ended with our first singles. Reaching rock bottom, but still there is some light to reach. Ashes music video captured [the] song’s ambience pretty damn well. [The] Song is about losing something very close and even the darkest hearted [sic] can empower in the end.”

A video to accompany the song ‘Ashes’ taken from the forthcoming EP is out now and available to view via YouTube.

Expect to see Red Raven Down’s EP ‘Phantoms’ 15th December on Inverse Records


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