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Bop-A-Rama: King Of The Ducktail Cats

Various Artists


Second instalment in the new CD series for jivers, boppers and strollers of the rockin’ scene, ‘Bop-A-Rama: King Of The Ducktail Cats’ brings another thirty tracks guaranteed to keep those feet moving. The first segment of the second volume is a tougher proposition in the sense that many of the tracks focus on the rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll numbers including the likes of Buddy Holly (‘I’m Gonna Love You Too’), Sonny Fisher (‘Hey Mama’), T. Texas Taylor (‘Shake ‘Em Up Rock’), Larry Nolen & His Bandits (‘King Of The Ducktail Cats’) to name but a few. With things heating up considerably, there’s room for a little reflection with various strands of country seeping into the mix and beginning with Rudy Hanson (‘Saturday Jump’), and then curiously finding room for Bill Monroe’s ‘Lonesome Truck Driver’s Blues’, before gaining considerable momentum with more rockin’ delights from Buddy Burke to Sonny Cole & His Rhythm Roamers and appropriate offering ‘I Dreamed I Was Elvis’. Add to the list two artists from the current rockin’ scene and any listener, not to mention any person who enjoys to bop, jive and stroll, cannot fail to be impressed with the collection that is ‘Bop-A-Rama: King Of The Ducktail Cats’.

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