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Boss Black Rockers: Just Rockin’ & Rollin’ Vol.5

Various Artists

Koko Mojo

At the fifth stage in what has been a highly consistent series of albums so far featuring many exciting rock ‘n’ roll tracks from various black artists from the “Golden Age” of American music comes ‘Boss Black Rockers: Just Rockin’ & Rollin’ Vol.5’. Packed with another twenty-eight songs carefully selected by the Mojo Man (aka Little Victor), the tracks chosen feature a number of artists that will be unfamiliar to many except for the diehard rock ‘n’ rollers who managed to tap into this particular corner of rock ‘n’ roll first time around. It must be said that elements of traditional rhythm and blues mingle with the first shoots of rock ‘n’ roll throughout this album and clearly heard via opening track ‘A Real Good Time’ by Eddie Clearwater. Following on is Frankie Lucas and the addictive ‘I Want To Rock You Baby’ with a steady flow of brass instrumentation bubbling underneath throughout. Next up is Bobby Flare and ‘Variety’ where the song has a habit of providing plenty of variety in terms of style as do the vocals with a tendency to flare up on occasion. It’s a thrilling listen and good starting point if looking for an instant fix of rock ‘n’ roll. The name Brook Benton crops up once more (See Koko Mojo album ‘Elvis Stole My Job’) with ‘Hurtin’ Inside’ and good example to see where Elvis adopted part of his vocal style. Further accusations of “borrowing” can be levelled at the white artists who made rock ‘n’ roll very popular once the singular Harvey and song ‘Da Da Goo Goo’ makes its entrance and speaks in eccentricities with Purple People Eaters among the topics. Volume five lives up to it predecessors where the rock ‘n’ roll is free flowing from top to bottom whether it’s coming from the excellent ‘(I Do The) Shimmy Shimmy’ from Bobby Freeman or The Corvairs ‘Hey, Sally Mae’ and, not forgetting, top version of ‘Lucille’ by Ike Haley & The Red Blazers concluding another compelling set.

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