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By Request

Vince & the Sun Boppers

Rhythm Bomb

Writing and recording at a prolific rate, Vince and the Sun Boppers enter the fray for a third time with ‘By Request’. With the title of this latest album being likely recognition to their growing fan base, not to mention the band’s seemingly inherent thirst for song writing, ‘By request’ sees Vince and Co. return with fourteen brand spanking new songs. The immediate response via the third long player arrives with a couple of boppers and strollers ā€“ ‘Bye To The City’ and ‘One Day’ ā€“ both reflecting on what might have been if life had only presented a different hand to the Sun Boppers frontman. It makes for an impressive introduction that only gets better via a succession of solid songs with the desperate pleas and rockabilly ‘Don’t Leave Me (Just Love Me)’; ‘Ransom Of Love’ with its stick of rock centre inscribed with Buddy Holly, to a trio of superb ballads that contain influences of country, rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll with, in particular, ‘Garden Of Roses’ suggesting that Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis played their parts when making this song, ‘Why’ and ‘Your Hand In Mine’; the latter track being a standout with its stripped-back presentation and aching country lilt that is pure Vince and the Sun Boppers. A remarkable album that doesn’t simply furrow a straight rockabilly route, despite said genre being its prime inspiration, because ‘By Request’ considers a few other ideas, notably country, and dips its musical toe with a successful outcome. The wait, no doubt, won’t be long until Vince and the Sun Boppers next musical venture, judging by the apparent ease to write and record this latest album and one that will satisfy the band’s increasing support.

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