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Having spent a bit of time with FLW recently via interview ‘Free of Limitations’, Canadian – Finnish alternative rock band FORTH see their second album released. The band’s latest album ‘Captivity’ marries influences from alternative rock, grunge, hard rock to even Elvis Presley himself. The twelve tracks on offer certainly wear their musical influences on their sleeves where pure 90’s grunge seeps from every pore of opening songs ‘Master and Slave’ and ‘Black Angel’ with nods to both Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots. Elsewhere, there is much passion to be heard in the vocals of lead singer Brian Forth who cuts a defiant figure during the ballad-esque ‘Can’t Bring Me Down’ and then switches emotional camps with the equally good and more playful rhythm of ‘Let Me In’. With ‘Captivity’ drawing on the past in terms of its influences, FORTH is a unit that remains out of synch in terms of the here and now. That is not a negative, and meant in praise because FORTH is a band who are genuine fans of music (clearly indicated by the tracks on offer) yet remain unique in their quest by sticking to their own beliefs and producing an album with a strong 90s sound in the year 2019. Such a career path is to be commended by going against the status quo and realising your dreams. FORTH has managed that with their current long player as ‘Captivity’ subtly rages against any notions of musical trends and associated constraints with a barrage of songs that also finds the time to reflect on the highs and lows of love.

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